Tinto Hill - Hike Report

Tinto Hill - Hike Report

Elliot Forbes

Date: Apr 14 2024
Ascent: 540m
Distance: 7.39km
Moving Time: 2:11:36
Total Time: 2:33:28
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Route Map

Route Elevation Profile


Tinto is a fine hill for those looking to get a little bit more hill-walking experience. The ascent is fairly consistent and it’s not too long a hike overall, coming in at just over 7km to the cairn and back.

The views from the top are pretty good, with some decent views of the Clyde valley and some of the neighbouring valleys and hills. From a photography perspective, I did struggle to get any really nice photos as there’s a bit of a lack of foreground interest, but I’m sure with the right conditions you could get some nice shots.

The Route

The route is about as straightforward as they come. You start at the car park and follow the path all the way to the top. There’s a bit of a steep section near the top, which features some loose underfoot conditions, but it’s nothing too challenging.

There are a few sections of the path that are particularly boggy and muddy, so make sure you’ve got some decent boots on with some good grip. We did see quite a few folk in trainers having fairly dramatic looking slips on our way down the hill so it’s definitely worth being prepared.

The path is well maintained and easy to follow, so you shouldn’t have any issues with navigation.


It features a fancier carn than most hills I've done!

Once you’ve reach the summit, you can take in the views of the surrounding valleys and grab some photos before heading back down the path to the car park. You do have the option of taking the cut off path to the left on the way down, this is a little more gradual and slightly better underfoot, but it’s not a huge difference. Both roads lead to Rome in this situation and the views from either path don’t differ all that much.

Once you’ve got back to the carpark, feel free to check-in to the cafe just at the end of the road for a quick cake and coffee to celebrate another hill bagged before heading home.

The Views


looking down into the valley


The nearby windfarm


Some interesting lighting conditions on the valley below


More interesting lighting conditions on the valley below

Fionas Fiona Bagging Southern Uplands