My Adventure Photography Gear

My Adventure Photography Gear

Elliot Forbes

Note: All (well most…) of these links are affiliate links. If you want to support my photography then click on the links and then buy your stuff!

This list captures all of the gear that I use in my amateur adventure photography pursuits.

Bear in mind that I am still at the very start of my adventure photography journey and a lot of this stuff may be replaced as time goes on.


Sony A7 IV Full Frame Camera - My new main driver - I’ve just recently upgraded to this incredible bit of technology and it’s been delightful so far out on the few adventures we’ve been able to manage this year.

Sony Alpha 6400 - APS-C Mirrorless Camera - My old driver. This is a crop-sensor mirrorless camera that is lightweight but still powerful. The only downside to this camera is that I cheaped out and bought the model without the IBIS (in-built, image stabilization).


I have 3 different lenses that I tend to take with me depending on where I’m going and what I’m planning on doing. For example, if I’m going somewhere that’ll have epic wide shots or there is the potential for some astrophotography then I’ll be bringing my Tamron 17-28mm 2.8f as this seems to be able to produce the best shots for that.

If I’m going on a hike and want to keep the weight down, I’ll typically default to the workhorse lens, the 24-70mm 2.8f. This allows me to punch in a bit on some of the details of the mountains and in conjunction with the crop-sensor mode gets me around 105mm of range.

If I want to capture wider shots than the 24mm allows for, then I can do some handheld panoramas and capture everything I need to!

Tamron 17-28mm 2.8f Lens - My wide-angle lens.

Sigma 24-70mm 2.8f DN DG Art Lens - My hiking lens.

Tamron 70-180mm 2.8f Lens - My wildlife/long-distance lens.


Filters make such a massive difference to how your shots look when they come out of the camera. Polarizing filters can really make some of the greens and blues pop within landscape photography and ND filters can help you control the amount of light coming into your sensor for those longer exposures.

K&F Concept 82mm Magnetic Lens Filter Kit - A recent purchase that features a CPL, ND, and UV filter with a magnetic adapter.

K&F Concept 18PCS Lens Filter Stepping Up and Down Adapter - This allows me to use the above lens filter kit on top of my Tamron 17-28mm Lens which has a smaller 72mm thread.

Calumet 82mm CPL - The first filter I purchased from Wex. I am expecting this to be entirely replaced by the above filter systems but the jury is still out on this decision.


Peak Design Small Camera Cube - A perfect camera sling that fits my camera and an additional lens. This is great for when smaller adventures where I don’t need all my gear, such as walking around the City!

Nya-Evo Fjord 36 Camera Bag - My latest purchase. I wanted a bag that would carry all of my gear and provide good protection against the elements up in the mountains. This was a huge improvement over my original hiking bag as it has rear access to camera gear and a tonne of straps for holding hiking poles etc.

Misc Equipment

Peak Design Capture Camera Mount v3 - this is a game-changer when it comes to being out in the mountains and keeping your camera safe and secure, strapped to your chest.

K&F Concept TM2324 62” Tripod - Another new addition that allows me to take far more crisp shots as well as long exposures which would be impossible from a hand-held position.


This is a dynamic list of all of my gear! I’ll update this as and when things change and I’ll likely do more in-depth reviews from an amateur’s perspective of some of the kit in the coming months.