Bone Caves - Circuit - Ullapool

Bone Caves - Circuit - Ullapool

Elliot Forbes

Ascent: 288m
Distance: 5.72km
Type: Hike
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Elevation: 288m
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Route map

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The Bone Caves

The Bone Caves are a fantastic stop whether you are on the North Coast 500 or if you’re just after a nice hike to see an historically significant site and get a bit of a workout in.

These caves contained a number of bone remains from animals such as lynx, reindeer, polar bear and arctic fox.

Route Description

This hike starts from the car park which is reachable just off the A837 - Starting Point.

There are two sections to the car park, the first one is free, however, if this is full, there is a second car park through the gate which features an honesty box that asks for £2 for the day.

The walk starts off passing the Allt nan Uamh Waterfall on the right. This can be a good chance to grab a quick photo before heading deeper into the valley.

The path is well marked and easy to follow, however, sections of it can be boggy and it’s somewhat rocky. Be sure to put on a good pair of hiking boots, some sections can be a little slippier when wet.


The bone caves

Follow the path alongside the river and enjoy the views of the surrounding hills. The path will eventually come to a fork, take the path over to the right and up the side of the hill. The path becomes a little steeper and narrower at this section, it’s also fairly exposed and when hiking in high-wind conditions this can add complexity!

On the ascent, you’ll eventually round the corner of the hill and the Bone Caves will come into view. The caves themselves are a great place to stop for a break and take the time to explore this historically significant spot.

Once you’ve taken a minute to explore the caves and re-catch your breath, carry on the path passed the caves and deeper into the valley. This will eventually loop back around and lead you back on a more gradual path back down to the original path.

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