Glen Loin and Coiregrograin Circuit From Inveruglas

Glen Loin and Coiregrograin Circuit From Inveruglas

Elliot Forbes

Ascent: 628m
Distance: 25km
Type: Hike
Difficulty: Moderate
Duration: 5-6 hours
Elevation: 628m
GPX File: Download

Route map

Route Elevation Profile

Starting Point

The hike starts from the Inveruglas car park, which is located on the A82, just north of Tarbet. The car park is well signposted and costs £4 to park for the full day. There are toilets and a small cafe at the car park, which is a great place to grab a coffee (And a little tray bake…) before or after your hike.


Inveruglas Car Park

Hike Description

This is a fairly straightforward but long circular hike through Glen Loin and Coiregrograin. It’s a fantastic hike that’s great for building up stamina as well as getting some elevation into your legs.

It takes you through some of the beautiful and peaceful Arrochar alps, with views of Ben Vane, Ben Vorlich and A’Chrois. The hike is a mix of road and path, with some boggy sections and a few slightly steeper inclines.

The Route

Stage 1

The route starts by following the A82 south for a short distance before turning off onto a road that winds its way into the valley of Glen Loin. The road is quiet and offers great views of the surrounding mountains, A’Chrois to your left, Ben Vane in the middle and Ben Vorlich to your right.

Stage 2

You eventually come to a fork in the road, where you take the left hand road over the bridge. You’ll eventually pass the trail that heads up to Ben Vane on the right hand side, but you’ll want to continue following the road.

Stage 3

Continue following this road to the left of Ben Vane. You’ll pass an abandoned quarry as well as a small waterfall fitted with a damn. You’ll eventually come to a split in the road where you’ll want to go left and start the path back on yourself around the base of A’Chrois.

Stage 4 - Onwards to Succoth

Continue following this round the mountain and you’ll eventually be treated with views of Succoth and Arrochar. Take the first left and follow the road winding around the into the back of Succoth and, if you’re feeling peckish, feel free to map a stop in Arrochar for a nice bite to eat.

Stage 5 - Back to Inveruglas

Once you’ve had your fill, head back towards Succoth and take the road just to the right of river off the Old Military Road. You’ll eventually come to a wooden sign post on the right hand side that directs you back onto the path that leads back to Inveruglas.

The path here isn’t a well-kept road, you’ll encounter bits of bog and some slippy patches of muc in places depending on the weather. You’ll eventually come back and meet the road you started on from Inveruglas and follow this back to the car park.

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Glen Loin and Coiregrograin Circuit From InveruglasGlen Loin and Coiregrograin Circuit From InveruglasGlen Loin and Coiregrograin Circuit From InveruglasGlen Loin and Coiregrograin Circuit From InveruglasGlen Loin and Coiregrograin Circuit From Inveruglas